A History of Web Design


In today’s day and age we are bombarded by technology. Computers are a massive part of our life and being computer literate is essential, as is having a blog or website to promote yourself regards of what you do. As a result of this, web designers are everywhere but where did it all start from?

Here’s a history of web design.

Although not completely agreed on by everyone, web design is believed to have started in the late 1980s in the form of graphic design. Web design is heavily linked to such areas as graphic design, animated graphics and typography encompassing, in its early origins, areas of graphology to a more technological standpoint.

Effectively web design came into its own in 1994 with the creation of the Mosaic browser by Eric Bina and Marc Andreessen. The Mosaic browser basically began to incorporate graphic design elements into their browser which other browsers hadn’t done previously. These web design elements consisted of web designers introducing images, videos and sounds into web pages which had never been seen before. Previously, web pages had just consisted of streams of text on a screen and web designers were glorified typists, but in 1994 a new form of web design and web designer had been created.

The browser in question was named W3C and changed the way we view the internet as a whole today as it led the world wide web to fill its full potential and evolve in the process. The W3C was so pivotal in the formation of web design that code created 1994 is still used today, such as JavaScript. Web design continued to grow as the founders of the Mosaic browser formed Communications Corp which eventually became Netscape. Netscape were instrumental in the evolution of web design as they created their own HTML tags which furthered the future of the internet through things such as background colours and inserting tables on web pages.

Although all this seems fairly rudimentary in 2014, in the1990s it was a massive breakthrough for the technology industry and started a war, a browser war between Netscape and Microsoft. The war was total browser control, or web design control, and lasted through the late 90s creating code and programs such as JavaScript, DynamicHTML and Cascading Style Sheets which all contributed massively to technology we know today. For all things related to website/graphic design, feel free to visit this page http://www.metzcreative.com.au/graphic-design/

After Microsoft brought out Internet Explorer in 2000, and Netscape’s sale to AOL, this was seen as the end of the war and Microsoft’s victory. After this the bar was raised in terms of web design and it went from strength to strength, with competition bettering the internet explorer browser and new standards of HTML and CSS being released evolving the internet and web design into what we know and love today

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